Our Facility

Located at 535 Portwall, the Houston Food Bank is a 308,000 square foot facility that consists of a warehouse, kitchen, food pantry and conference center.

An Award-Winning Facility

The Houston Food Bank is one of the most exciting spaces in Houston. Our facility is bustling with volunteers processing food, while forklifts move through our 308,000 square foot warehouse. The Food Bank also distributes hot meals for kids prepared in our 10,000 square foot Keegan Kitchen.

A Food Bank That’s Green

Thanks to generous gifts from Green Mountain Energy’s Sun Club, SolarSPARC programs and NRG, the Houston Food Bank is even more green with 440 solar panels on our roof. The panels convert Texas sunshine into power that lower our utility bills and save the equivalent of three meals per hour. The solar panel array covers 5,300 square feet on the Food Bank’s roof and generates 96,000 kilowatt hours annually.

Interested in scheduling a tour?

The Houston Food Bank offers behind-the-scenes tours of our facility for interested corporate or community groups. Attendees will hear myth-busting stories of how hunger and food insecurity affect our community and learn how the Food Bank is providing food for better lives.

Schedule A Tour

For questions regarding the use of our conference area and event spaces, please contact:

Conference Services Manager