Teachers Aid

Providing school supplies for teachers in low income schools.

“As a teacher we know that we have to go out and purchase things ourselves so that the students can have the supplies that they need. This program has helped us to get the tools that we need so we can do well in the classroom.”

Kids need the right tools in order to succeed in school, but many families can’t afford basic school supplies. Many compassionate teachers pay for school supplies from their own pockets so their students aren’t at a disadvantage.

The Teachers Aid program provides supplies to teachers in schools that meet the following criteria:

– Teachers Aid Agreement must be submitted.
– 60% of students are on free or reduced price lunch
– Participate in the Houston Food Bank’s Backpack Buddy Program or School Market.

How it works:

– School supplies are distributed on posted shopping days by reservation only.
– Teachers select from donated items based on their grade levels, curriculum needs and current inventory.
– Teachers can “shop” twice every three months by appointment only.

The program is an affiliate of the Kids in Need Foundation’s Kids in Need National Network sponsored by Target.

Am I eligible?

Teachers, Counselors and Principals must meet the criteria:

How do I shop?

  • For a school to register, submit a Teachers Aid Agreement and allow 48 hours for processing. Once the documents have been approved, individual teachers can register.
  • Individual teachers register at https://site.booxi.com/houstonfoodbank. Click “Book Now” and follow the instructions to schedule a shopping day. Once scheduled, you will receive a confirmation e-Mail.
  • You must use your school email address when scheduling a shopping day.
  • Each scheduled shopping day will be verified.
  • Teachers may shop twice per quarter during the school year (September – November, December – February, March – May, June – summer sessions only).
  • School I.D. is required for check-in.
  • Please bring your own bags and carts for shopping and transporting to the car.
  • Every item in the Teachers Aid Center is donated. We can’t guarantee you will find the same items each time you visit.
  • The items are free for all eligible teachers; item quantities are limited per teacher.

What else do I need to know?

  • Promptly arriving as close to your assigned time helps to ensure all teachers will have a chance to shop.
  • If your kids come with you, please keep an eye on them while shopping.  We ask that they not to play with the product so we can maintain an organized environment.
  • Because all of the items are donated, the Houston Food Bank has to ensure that they are used for the donor’s intended purpose. Please help us honor our commitment to our donors. Items may not be resold, traded or bartered for home or personal use.


Teachers Aid is at separate location from our Portwall Warehouse  and is located at 8353 East Freeway, Houston TX 77029 (on the corner of Aleen and the East Freeway).

– Follow the same directions as you would if arriving to the Houston Food Bank warehouse on Portall Street
– Pass Portwall Street and turn right onto the following street, Aleen.
– Enter the parking lot for the Teachers Aid building and follow the posted signs.

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For questions regarding Teachers Aid, please contact:

Teachers Aid