Be a Student Heroes Leader

In the Houston Food Bank Student Heroes program high school students ages 16 - 18 are trained in core principles of leadership. 

During the sixteen-week session the high school students will accomplish the following:

  • Train and oversee groups of volunteers in various projects at the food bank, supporting them in producing measurable results during their volunteer shift
  • Coordinate a food drive that will help feed families in need
  • Learn how to measure the impact of their work on the community. All student projects have an impact measurement tied to the issue of hunger.

The types of volunteer groups the students work with include groups such as, but not limited to church groups, sorority, fraternity groups, Boy/Girl Scouts and school organizations. The students are trained by the Volunteer Engagement Department of the Houston Food Bank.

Customer service is core to the Volunteer Engagement philosophy at the Houston Food Bank. Students will build on their customer service approach when working with their groups by:

  • Setting up volunteer group sign in sheet
  • Greeting volunteer groups
  • Ensuring each volunteer signs in
  • Answering any questions the group volunteers have before they begin their volunteer shift

Prior to their volunteer shift, the students will participate in the "staff huddle" where Houston Food Bank Staff reviews the day's schedule and "who does what" prior to the day beginning. In addition, students will debrief with the Volunteer Engagement staff person to discuss their results for the day, what worked and any needed feedback.

For questions, please e-mail Fidel Rassu or call 713-547-8634.

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