Indian American Council at Houston Food Bank

About the Indian American Council at Houston Food Bank
The Indian American Council at Houston Food Bank (HFB-IAC) was formed to raise awareness, improve engagement, as well as channel resources and contributions of the Indian American community towards HFB’s mission of a hunger-free Southeast Texas.

A critical component of HFB’s way to engage with community, HFB-IAC is working to provide food assistance to thousands of food insecure individuals across HFB’s 18-county service area. It does that by raising hunger-awareness, encouraging active volunteering, conducting food drive campaigns, and raising crucial funds.

In the spirit of “give where you live”, the vision of HFB-IAC is for the Indian American community to be recognized as a leader in the fight against hunger in Southeast Texas.

Hunger Mitao!
Hunger Mitao means “Wipe Out Hunger”!

With a rally cry of “Hunger Mitao!” HFB-IAC seeks to mobilize the Indian American community around the issue of hunger that exists right here in Southeast Texas.

The Indian American Council has launched an ambitious “Million Meal March” campaign to help HFB provide meals to our neighbors in need.

Get Involved
The Indian American community can engage with HFB-IAC in many ways –helping raise awareness, hands-on volunteering at the food bank, or raising food and funds – to combat increasing food insecurity in southeast Texas.

Led by co-chairs and a steering committee comprised of members from the Sponsorship Circles listed below, HFB-IAC operates in a non-political, non-religious, robust eco-system that puts the cause ahead of individual egos. Individuals and Corporations are invited to join the “Hunger-Mitao!” movement and make sustainable impact through any of the following Sponsorship Circles.

Sponsorship Circles

Impact Over 3 Years

Donation Over 3 Years

Transformation Circle

250,000 meals


Platinum Circle

100,000 meals


Diamond Circle

  75,000 meals


Gold Circle

  50,000 meals


Silver Circle

  25,000 meals


Bronze Circle

  10,000 meals



Founder’s Circle Members

Advent Global Solutions Inc

FabIT Corporation

Raj and Aradhana Asava

Infodat International

Manu and Aparna Asthana

Maddisoft LLC

Avventis Inc

Saipsit, Inc

Camelot Integrated Solutions Inc


Donate Now
Help the Houston Food Bank Indian American Council feed our hungry neighbors: donate today!

Volunteer with Us
Sign up to join us for our Fall IAC Volunteer Event on Sunday, October 6 from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m

Many thanks to all IAC volunteers who, since January 2019, have contributed 425 hoursat 1 meal per minute, that’s 25,498 meals!

Contact Us

Send questions to the Houston Food Bank Indian American Council.

Join the IAC for Houston Food Bank Facebook Group.