Portwall Warehouse

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I park?

– If space permits, you may park in the front.
– You may be directed to our overflow lot located behind the building.

How do I sign in?

– BEFORE you arrive, locate your QR code (square barcode) in your confirmation email.
– No QR code? You can sign the waiver sheet upon arrival at our Welcome Desk.
– You DO NOT need to scan your QR code AND sign the waiver sheet.
– There is NO need to SIGN OUT.

Where do I go after I sign in?

– Please obtain a volunteer sticker and sit in the Houston Texans Cafe.

Where can I put my personal belongings?

– The Houston Food Bank has lockers along our orange wall.
– Instructions for locking and unlocking are located above the lockers.
– If you forget your locker/code number, please visit our Welcome Desk.

Where can I eat?

– You may eat any snacks or lunches in the Houston Texans Cafe area.
– Healthy snacks and meals can be purchased at the Houston Texans Cafe.

Can I get proof of my volunteer time?

– Have your proof of participation sheet from your school/job etc. filled out.
– Drop off at the Welcome Desk BEFORE your shift.
– You may request an official embossed HFB Hours Letter* from our Welcome Desk after your shift.
– For hours verification questions or requests, please contact Denise Atkerson.

* If this is your only proof of volunteer hours, in order to verify those hours at a later date, the original letter may need to be assessed.

Can I take pictures?

– We recommend taking your large group photos either right before or at the conclusion of your visit.

What types of projects are available at the Portwall Warehouse*?

Pantry Select
Inspect and sort food items that come to us from supermarkets and other stores to ensure they meet quality and food safety standards.

Scan a Can
Sift through a wide variety of items donated by Kroger stores to determine what we will keep to process later through the Pantry Select project.

Backpack Buddy
Fill sacks with nutritious food for at-risk school children to take home for the weekend.

Scoop rice, beans and other foods from massive containers into family-size bags.

Box Packing
Pack boxes on a seasonal basis, for the holidays and for hurricane season.

Cool Pack
Sort cold and frozen food that comes to us from supermarkets through our Retail Pick-up program.

Home Goods
Sort and categorize non-food items donated by retailers and sometimes serve as a personal shopper for partner representatives.

Partner Loading
Help partners load food into their vehicles when they come to the Food Bank to pick up orders.

Order Pulling
In the warehouse, pull cases of food from the racks onto pallets to fill partner orders.

Portwall Pantry
Stock and clean the pantry before clients from working families arrive.

Sanitation Station
Mark bottles of cleaning products to designate that they are not available for re-sale.

Personal Care
Pack fill bags with cosmetic and hygiene products.

Rescue Bank
Assist the Rescue Bank, a Food Bank building partner that distributes pet food to animal welfare groups.

Landscaping Help
Maintain the green space at the Houston Food Bank by planting, trimming and mowing.

Theme Nights
Volunteer for an hour and a half then enjoy a performance or activity related to the planned theme of the evening.

* Since all volunteer projects are scheduled based on community need, we regret that it is not possible for us to reserve or guarantee any project in advance.

For questions regarding volunteering, please contact:

Volunteer Services Hotline