Protecting Our Community;
Protecting the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

3.1 Million people could lose SNAP

USDA’s proposed rule would take away SNAP from millions of working families, seniors, children, and people with disabilities.

The Trump Administration recently proposed a rule that would take away SNAP benefits from millions of children, seniors, and hardworking Americans. In addition, the proposed rule would result in hundreds of thousands of children losing their school meals. Read Houston Food Bank’s full statement of opposition.

Tell the Administration why SNAP is important to you and why this stricter rule would be harmful.

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Revision of Categorical Eligibility in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance - FNS-2018-0037

Dear Secretary Perdue,

I am writing to oppose the proposed rule that guts the Broad-Based Categorical Eligibility option in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The proposal would take away school meals from children, hurt seniors and families who save for the future, and punish workers for getting a raise. We should not punish children trying to thrive in the classroom or penalize people who work hard to take care of their families. 

"I am a
and I oppose the proposed change because Broad-Based Categorical Eligibility

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