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Core Connections Network

An 8-week self-management educational program for chronic conditions that will empower individuals with skills to actively embrace healthy choices.

The Core Connections Network (CCN) is a program of the Houston Food Bank’s Food for Change department. It designed to empower individuals with a chronic illness to participate in the daily management of their condition, learn skills to make lifestyle changes and facilitate a partnership with their healthcare providers. The CCN program is for anyone with a chronic illness and their family members.

Key Components of the Core Connections Network:

  • Chronic conditions self-management curriculum
  • Coach training for participating organization’s staff or volunteers to facilitate Core Connections Network classes
  • Tracking and evaluation of program outcomes
  • Healthy food distribution
  • Collaboration between Houston Food Bank, food pantries, and organizations that provide health programs, such as clinics and other non-profits

CCN health and wellness classes covers these topics:

Action Planning
Participants make weekly action plans which actively moves them toward lifestyle changes in order to reach their long-term goals.
Chronic Condition Self-Management
Learn how to make daily decisions to manage chronic conditions and live with fewer complications.
Coping and Stress Management
Practice stress management techniques to help reduce the effects of stress on the body.
Learn how the food you eat effects how you feel and how you can manage your illness.
Staying Active
Learn how to incorporate physical activity in ways that work for your lifestyle.

The Core Connections Network curriculum is composed of 6 lessons. Each lesson includes an agenda, lesson plan and accompanying handouts. The 6 lessons are delivered over 8 consecutive weekly sessions.

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