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Core Connections Network

Clients at hunger relief charities are connected with nutritious food, combined with comprehensive social services and education about health issues.

The Core Connections Network is a group of Houston Food Bank partners dedicated to establishing a trusting rapport with clients and community partners. Together they can address the complicated, underlying problems that perpetuate the cycles of hunger/food insecurity and poor self-management.

Key components for Core Connections Network include:

  • Thoroughly designed Chronic Conditions and Diabetes Self-Management Curriculum
  • Class topics vary from health and wellness education, nutrition education, exercise regimes, managing medication, stress management, and lifestyle action plans
  • Case management software to track client progress
  • Training for staff to teach health and wellness classes for given curriculum
  • Food resources to support healthy choices and new learned behaviors
  • Ongoing support from Core Connections Network staff to help monitor and track client change

Each class a client attends is designed to assist clients to think and act in new ways to help them make positive lifestyle changes. After completing the six lessons offered through our curriculum, Core Connections graduates will have gained the needed skills to be a better self-manage their chronic condition. Each lesson, clients will learn successful self-management tools, nutrition education advice, healthy coping habits, and easy ways to stay active. Additionally, during every other lesson healthy groceries are given to participants to practice healthy eating habits outside of the classroom.

Clients who take part in our program will learn how to:

  • Consistently make better choices about their life
  • Develop new skill sets that will positively impact their health and well-being
  • Gain control over various elements of their life that once created barriers to their success
  • Live happier and longer lives with fewer complications

Partners who take part in our program will learn how to:

  • Unlimited access to HFB health and wellness educational materials
  • Organized train-the-trainer program model to give agency 100% flexibility with program
  • Immediate access to client tracking system – Link2Feed – at no cost to the partner
  • Free Food Deliveries
  • Ongoing/On demand training for site coaches

For questions regarding our Core Connections Network, please contact:

Lauren Brooks
Core Connections Network Coordinator