Hi! My name is David and I volunteer at the Houston Food Bank as part of the Apple Corps Leaders. Why do I volunteer at the Houston Food Bank? I volunteer because helping people is something we should all do when we can. I started volunteering at the Houston Food Bank through Chevron where I work. Chevron believes in being a positive member of the community helping with the concerns of the community, and so do I. Chevron has long been a partner with the Houston Food Bank. After volunteering a few times with Chevron at events, my wife, Becky, and I started volunteering more on our own because we enjoyed the work. Soon thereafter, we were recruited as members of the Apple Corps Leaders, to help the staff lead volunteers in the numerous projects.

It’s been six years, and we still enjoy volunteering here, working with the staff and volunteers on projects all over the Food Bank and at events outside the Food Bank. Food is a basic need of people, along with shelter and safety. We have plenty of food in this country. The issue is getting food to the people who need it. I’d like to think we have made a difference. That is sometimes hard to see when you are sorting product or making the Backpack Buddy sacks ready to go out. However, it is during the times when I’ve worked at the Emergency Pantry, Teachers Aid, or external food drives when I can see the effect of the work done at HFB. On more than one occasion I have had someone come up at a food drive to make a donation say “The Food Bank helped me when I needed it, and now I would like to give back.”

So come volunteer at the Houston Food Bank. You can have fun while you are doing it and know that you are helping make a difference in people’s lives.