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Become A Houston Food Bank Partner

Join a network of hunger relief partners and allow the Houston Food Bank to be an ongoing source of free or low-cost food to stock your pantry or kitchen.

– STEP 1  

During this step, you will…

  • Attend an orientation meeting.
  • Complete membership application and other required paperwork.
  • Make a copy of each requested items needed.
  • Mail application and list of requested items to HFB.

– STEP 2 

On-site Visit

  • A visit by HFB will be scheduled to your facility.
  • Pantry member applicants will need an inspection of food storage area(s).
  • Meal site applicants will need an inspection of the kitchen, food storage area(s), food dealer’s permit and health inspection.
  • HFB will review written records of clients and client need.


  • If the partner does not meet all the requirements, a second on-site visit will be scheduled to review the corrections.
  • Prospective partner report will be reviewed by Partner Services Committee to be approved or rejected.

– STEP 3 

After approval…

  • Partner will be mailed original contracts and civil rights training booklet.
  • Contracts must be read and signed.
  • Return original to HFB with the signed civil rights affidavit.

Partners picking up product orders…

  • Submit list on partner letterhead that includes all individuals who are approved to pick up orders from the Food Bank.

Orientation & Training

  • Orientation meeting held the first Wednesday of the month at 1:00 p.m.
  • Meetings are at the Houston Food Bank, 535 Portwall Street.
  • Space is limited – first come, first served.

Orientation/Membership Resources

For questions regarding becoming a partner, please contact:

Partner Services Hotline