Become A Houston Food Bank Partner

Join a network of hunger relief partners and allow the Houston Food Bank to be an ongoing source of free or low-cost food to stock your pantry or kitchen.

– STEP 1  

During this step, you will…

  • Attend an orientation meeting.
  • Complete membership application and other required paperwork.
  • Make a copy of each requested items needed.
  • Mail application and list of requested items to HFB.

– STEP 2 

On-site Visit

  • A visit by HFB will be scheduled to your facility.
  • Pantry member applicants will need an inspection of food storage area(s).
  • Meal site applicants will need an inspection of the kitchen, food storage area(s), food dealer’s permit and health inspection.
  • HFB will review written records of clients and client need.


  • If the partner does not meet all the requirements, a second on-site visit will be scheduled to review the corrections.
  • Prospective partner report will be reviewed by Partner Services Committee to be approved or rejected.

– STEP 3 

After approval…

  • Partner will be mailed original contracts and civil rights training booklet.
  • Contracts must be read and signed.
  • Return original to HFB with the signed civil rights affidavit.

Partners picking up product orders…

  • Submit list on partner letterhead that includes all individuals who are approved to pick up orders from the Food Bank.

Orientation & Training

  • Houston Food Bank will not be hosting an orientation or info session in May or June. Updates are currently being made to our application process including details on how to apply, where to find additional information and first steps towards becoming a partner will be available in July.
  • Meetings are at the Houston Food Bank, 535 Portwall Street.
  • Space is limited – first come, first served.

Orientation/Membership Resources

For questions regarding becoming a partner, please contact:

Partner Services Hotline