Keegan Kitchen Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering.  We need help to prepare thousands of nutritious hot meals for our Kids Cafe program every weekday at the Keegan Kitchen.

Safety Comes First

What you wear affects your safety and the safety of the food you’ll be handling.

  • You must wear long pants, a shirt with sleeves (no tank tops or sleeveless shirts) and shoes with closed toes.
  • Please do not wear jewelry.  Even small stud earrings can get loose and fall into food. 
  • While you’re in the kitchen, you’ll be wearing aprons, gloves, and hairnets (you can bring your own cap).

You will receive safety instructions when you’re assigned to a task.

Keegan Volunteer Projects

The kind of work you’ll do in the Keegan Kitchen varies from day to day.  Please stay flexible about your work station.  We might need to reassign you so we can work more efficiently.

Food preparation and packing:  We process large quantities of food – hundreds of pounds every day, using knives and large industrial machines.  We also flash freeze food for later use, to make sure food is not wasted.

  • Wash vegetables
  • Cut, dice and chop vegetables
  • Slice meat
  • Package food for the freezer
  • Occasionally assist the cooks in baking
  • Count out milk cartons and snacks

Sanitizing:  You’ll protect the health of the children we serve by helping us keep everything clean.

  • Wash coolers and mobile warming units
  • Clean work surfaces to keep the kitchen sanitary
  • Wash dishes

Tray line: Volunteers form an assembly line to scoop portions of food into individual meal trays and package them for delivery.

  • Scoop food into trays
  • Run trays through a plastic sealing machine
  • Inspect meals for quality and stack for transport

Please note: In the summer, meals are delivered much earlier in the day.  Volunteers need to arrive by 7 a.m. in order to help assemble meal trays.


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