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Our primary function is to distribute massive amounts of food to hunger relief charities. The Houston Food Bank receives, sorts, stores and distributes donated and purchased food and government commodities.

Fact Sheet

Food Sources include retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, growers and the community. Food is weighed and entered electronically into our system; thus giving our agencies a real-time inventory to shop. The product is then stored on our shelves until it’s distributed. At any given time the warehouse holds approximately twelve million pounds of perishable and nonperishable items; food is held for an average of 26 days after it is received, before it reaches the agency’s shelves.

Volunteer Production Area
Sixteen percent of the product received requires processing: cleaned and sorted. Volunteers work all salvage (dry, frozen and refrigerated) donated to the Houston Food Bank to ensure the product distributed to our agencies meets appropriate guidelines. All product is separated into various categories prior to distribution. Volunteers age 16 and up can work the production lines.

Volunteers repack beans and rice from 2,000 pound containers into two pound family size bags. Special need volunteers, children under 16 and others can work in this area and experience the Food Bank.

Last year through delivery and agency pick up, 50 million nutritious meals were distributed; our warehouse pulls more than 1,500 orders every month. Thirty-six percent of our nearly 600 partner agencies picked up food at our dock, Monday through Saturday, while 64 percent of those agencies receive food distributed by our fleet over a 15,000 square mile area.

Our fleet comprises nine tractors, thirteen refrigerated trailers, seventeen refrigerated bobtails, four pick-ups with refrigerated boxes, six beverage trailers and two mini-trailers. Each tractor is equipped with GPS tracking to streamline our delivery process.

By the Numbers
HFB Main Warehouse (sq ft)
Dry storage: 110,000
Coolers: 29,400
Freezers: 30,000
Dry Dock: 8,919

By the Numbers
An average pallet weights 1,500 pounds.
A 45’ – 53’ trailer can hold 20 to 26 pallets.
HFB warehouse is 308,000 sq. ft.

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