Teachers Aid "How To" Guide

Am I eligible?

Teachers must meet two criteria:

  1. Work at a school that participates in the Backpack Buddy Program; and
  2. Work at a school where 70 percent or more of students are on free and reduced-price lunch.

How do I shop?

  • For a school to be able to register, the Backpack Buddy Site Coordinator must submit a teacher roster here. Once this has been submitted, individual teachers can register.
  • Individual teachers may register by visiting houstonfoodbank.3cfreestore.com. Click "Are You a Teacher" and register for Teachers Aid.
  • Once teachers are registered, they may return to the "Are You a Teacher" tab and schedule a shopping visit.
  • Teachers may shop once per quarter during the school year (September – November, December – February, March – May).
  • Please bring the confirmation e-mail you receive from the Houston Food Bank and your valid school ID. 
  • Please bring your own bags for shopping. The Teachers Aid Center relies on donated product and may not always have a supply of bags for your use. We sometimes have re-usable shopping bags which would be available for five points per bag. 
  • Every item in the Teachers Aid Center is donated to the Houston Food Bank for this program.  As a result, our inventory varies over time. We try to keep a supply of the most-needed items, but we can’t guarantee that you’ll find the same things each time you visit.
  • The items are free for all eligible teachers, but there will be a limit on the amount each teacher can take.

What else do I need to know?

  • Please arrive at your assigned shopping time to ensure that other teachers can enjoy their assigned times as well. If there’s a crowd, we might have to ask you to reschedule should you arrive late.
  • We understand that some parents might need to bring their children with them. The center is filled with colorful, fun items. If your kids come with you, please keep an eye on them while you're shopping and ask them not to play with the product so we can maintain an organized environment for all of your fellow teachers.
  • Because all of the items in the Teachers Aid Center are donated, the Houston Food Bank has to ensure that they are used for the purpose that the donor intended. Please help us honor our commitment to our donors. Items may not be resold, traded or bartered for home or personal use.
  • If for some reason you receive a damaged item from the Teachers Aid Center, bring it back when you come for your next scheduled visit. We will be happy to refund the points for that shopping experience.

Thank you for allowing us to provide school supplies for your low income students.

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