The New Keegan Kitchen

The Houston Food Bank is building a bigger kitchen so we can feed more children who live with uncertainty about whether they’ll have enough nutritious food to eat.  The new 10,000 square foot Keegan Kitchen is being constructed in our warehouse, next to the Houston Texans Cafe.

The kitchen will allow us to prepare five times as many meals as we produce now at the current Keegan Kitchen, located at 2445 North Freeway.  Right now, we prepare 4,000 hot meals on average each day for delivery to school-aged children at after-school and summer program sites in our Kids Cafe program.

We’re counting on volunteers to help us reach maximum capacity.  Kitchen volunteers already provide essential help, from peeling and chopping fresh fruit and vegetables, to scooping servings of food into partitioned trays.  In the new Keegan Kitchen, we can take much bigger volunteer groups, up to 80 people at a time.

Our Kids Cafe program is one of the nation’s largest for production of hot meals.  A small fleet of trucks delivers the food in insulated containers that hold safe temperatures until meals are served Monday through Friday at dozens of sites throughout our service area.

The kitchen will continue to be named after Mary Barden Keegan, a community volunteer and activist who founded the End Hunger Network in 1985, which merged with the Houston Food Bank in 2008.

Get a sneak peek at the layout.  

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