Geographical Data: Census Tract Level

The Census Tract level map provides a look at hunger neighborhood by neighborhood.

Please be patient when trying to access census tract data. These small units of area contain thousands of data points and depending on the speed of your computer, it may take a few moments to load the map.

A census tract is a small geographical area of land that is used for the purpose of gathering information during a census. Use the spy-glass icon on the left side of the map to enter in your census tract number from which you wish to get data.  If you do not know the census tract number you can look it up here.

To see the data for a census tract, hover over the census tract.  Additionally you may use the lasso tool or radius tool available on the left side of the map under the arrow menu to draw certain areas and then export the data to your desktop.  You may zoom in and out by using the roller of your mouse or by clicking the + or – on the left side of the map.

Click here to learn how to export the data to your desktop.






























How To Export Data To Your Desktop


After selecting specific geographical areas, click the geomaps_exportdata_03 icon on the pop-up window.

Then select the “Full Data” tab and click the “show all columns” box.


Click “Download all rows as a text file” to export the data to your desktop as a text file. This should automatically download to your computer as a .csv or .txt file.

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