Hunger Action Month

jp and lana.jpgHunger Action Month was created to involve others in the community and motivate them to join forces to ultimately have a greater impact in the fight against hunger.

The theme for the month is “Hunger Bites. Bite back.”, representing both that hunger is bad and the painful, biting effect it has on those who live with it daily. So, how do you bite back?

See a gallery of photos of Food Bank friends who support hunger relief during Hunger Action Month and throughout the year.

What can you do? Check the 30 Ways in 30 Days calendar!

Below is a list of ways you can get involved.


Houston City Hall will be colored orange – September 8-11
The official color of hunger relief is orange, and in support of Hunger Action Month and Houston Food Bank’s efforts, City of Houston will illuminate our City Hall building in orange September 8-11. Stop by and take a “selfie” to post to social media!  #hungerbites 

#Helpie Social Media Campaign
Speaking of selfies and social media, don’t forget to snap and post your #helpie during Hunger Action Month!  What’s a #helpie? It is a selfie snapped while volunteering and helping others and posted on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  Posting a #Helpie will help shine a light – even if for a moment – on everyday people who make a huge difference in our organization and our community.  HFB cannot express how important volunteers are to the organization being able to complete its mission to feed the hungry – they provide approximately 5,300 hours of service to our organization each week!

SNAP Challenge – can you live on just $4 per day for food?
What if you could not afford to buy food?  More than one million food insecure children, adults and seniors face that risk every day in the 18 southeast Texas counties served by the Houston Food Bank.  SNAP is the federal program commonly referred to as “food stamps” that helps individuals and families purchase nutritious food from local grocery stores.  The program is one of the best long-term strategies for addressing food insecurity, defined as inconsistent access to sufficient nutritious food, but sadly, Texas has one of the lowest participation rates in the country.  The current average SNAP budget is just under $4 a day for an individual, or nearly $28 a week.  Could you live on this amount of money to spend on food?  Take the Food Stamp Challenge during Hunger Action Month and find out!  Guidelines for the Food Stamp Challenge can be found here.  Facebook and Tweet about it, and use the hashtag #SNAPChallenge.

 Karbach Happy Hours for Hunger – September 16, 6-8 pm
Our friends at Karbach Brewery are hosting a Happy Hour for Hunger at the brewery on Tuesday, September 16 from 6 - 8 pm at 2032 Karbach St.  Donation for admission will be $10, with $8 of each ticket going to HFB. Beer is provided with their donation.

f.r.e.s.h. Young Professionals Group Happy Hour – September 18, 6-9 pm
Houston Food Bank recently launched f.r.e.s.h., a young professionals group that helps fight hunger in Houston.  On September 18, there will be a happy hour mixer, including volunteer time, for current members and those looking to join at the organizations main facility, 535 Portwall.  For information, contact Brooke Curtis, 832-369-9312.

Solar Panel Installation
Thanks to $100,000 grants from both Green Mountain Energy and NRG, the Houston Food Bank will go solar – to offset a portion of the total electric bill.  We’ll throw the giant light switch to launch our use of solar panels on a date to be determined in September.

Big 4 Food Fight
Let’s get ready to RUUMMBLE!  On a date to be determined in September, the four largest accounting firms in Houston will participate in a “Food Fight” volunteer night at the food bank’s headquarters, 535 Portwall.  Teams from Deloitte, Ernst &Young, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers will race to see which can be the most productive.
ExxonMobil Days of Caring and Chevron Humankind Campaign
Two major corporations send small armies of volunteers during Hunger Action Month.  Chevron will send a total of 725 volunteers spread out over several days; ExxonMobil will send a total of 500, divided between two dates.

HungerGame Finale – September 27, 9 am to noon at Houston Food Bank, 535 Portwall
Sometimes, a little competition is a good thing, especially when it involves charity.  With this in mind, Houston Food Bank has created HungerGame, a competition in which participants come together in groups to collaborate and compete against others to help hungry people. The overall goal of the competition is to produce the most meals possible for the Houston community by volunteering, fundraising and hosting a food drive.

The HungerGame competition is being held July 7 – September 17, and participants may include churches, school groups, families, corporate groups, fraternities/sororities and many others – anyone who wants to help!  Participants must be over the age of 15 and groups must have at least 15 members but no more than 30 members to compete during the volunteer activity. Each group will be split into “districts” based on the type of group. All teams will participate in a food sorting/food packaging competition on a date of their choosing between July 7 – September 17 that will conclude each team’s first round of the HungerGame.

The top performing team from each “district” will be selected to return for the final four head-to-head volunteer battle on September 27 from  9 am – noon at the Houston Food Bank main warehouse location.  A winning group will be crowned and awarded!

Great American Milk Drive – ongoing in September
Donations through The Great American Milk Drive website translate into coupons that families can use to purchase a gallon of milk.  By entering your own zip code while making the donation, you can ensure that the milk is delivered through the Houston Food Bank.  The Great American Milk Drive is a nationwide effort coordinated by Feeding America, in partnership with regional dairy associations.
Themed food drive for volunteers – Rice and proteins beans, canned meats, peanut butter
Throughout the year, volunteers are asked to consider bringing a nonperishable food item to donate when they come for their shift.  The Houston Food Bank selects a needed or popular item, and for September, they are asking volunteers to bring items that are routinely needed in the Food Bank’s Emergency Food Pantry: rice and protein items such as canned meats, beans, and peanut butter. 

Be an Advocate for Hunger! 
Food Bank friends can help by communicating with their elected officials on legislative issues related to hunger relief.  Watch the Advocacy page for specific calls to action. 

How else can you help?

  • “Like” Houston Food Bank on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, @HoustonFoodBank, to get ongoing information on events, promotions and announcements.
  • Update Facebook status to share a hunger fact with friends and colleagues to raise awareness.
  • Volunteer at Houston Food Bank or one of its member agencies.
  • Make a donation!  For every $1 donated to Houston Food Bank, you can provide a person with a full day of meals! 


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Your contribution enables the Houston Food Bank to continue feeding over 865,000 individuals each year.

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