LDS Peanut Butter Cannery

LDS.JPGPeanut butter is one of the most needed items for all food banks, due to its popularity, long shelf life and high protein amount. It’s also among the most kid-friendly foods, which puts it in high demand for the Backpack Buddy program.

Through the Houston Food Bank’s partnership with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Houston Food Bank receives a total of 250,000 jars of fresh peanut butter each year. The Food Bank is responsible for finding volunteers and covering the cost of the peanuts used (currently $1.15 per jar or about $0.05 per serving).

How Can You Help?

  • Sign up to bring a group of volunteers to the peanut butter cannery
    • Each four hour shift will manufacture 5 pallets (3,960 jars or 95,040 servings) of peanut butter
  • Ask your company to cover the cost of peanuts for your volunteer shift.
    • The cost per shift to produce 5 pallets is $4,554.
  • Sponsor peanut butter production yourself:
    • $28.75 for 25 jars (600 servings)
    • $57.50 for 50 jars (1,200 servings)
    • $115.00 for 100 jars (2,400 servings)

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