Hunger Relief Team FAQs

What is the Houston Food Bank Hunger Relief Team?
The Houston Food Bank Hunger Relief Team is comprised of companies and organizations that have made a commitment to Leading the Fight Against Hunger in Southeast Texas. Those involved represent at least one of four industries: Manufacturing, Warehouse and Logistics, Produce and Agriculture, or Food Service. These partners commit to donate products to the Houston Food Bank on at least a monthly basis. 

Why should my company join the Hunger Relief Team?
Including tax benefits and an elevated community support profile, there are many benefits to joining the Hunger Relief Team.

How can my company join the Hunger Relief Team?
By committing to donate product at least once a month, your company can join the Hunger Relief Team. The Food Bank offers regularly scheduled pickups on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis, depending on volume. If you are not able to donate on a monthly basis but have donated at least 100,000 pounds in the last year you are automatically on the Hunger Relief Team.

Is there a cost to join?
No, there are no membership fees. There is only the commitment to donate product each month. However, there is also a sponsorship option if you do not have access to product donations.

My company does not manufacture or have access to food products to donate. Can we still support and join the Hunger Relief Team?
Yes! Please learn about other ways to become a member.

How long is the commitment?
We ask that you make a minimum one year commitment, but we hope you will find the rewards you receive from the program so valuable that you will remain involved for many years.

Can an individual participate?
Yes! Please see our sponsorship page for details.

What if my company does not have distressed or unsalable items?
If you are unable to donate distressed products each month, you can become a Team member through the Pallet Partner Program. Pallet Partners commit to donate at least one pallet of “first run” product a month.

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