Food Industry Donors

The Houston Food Bank thanks food industry donors for their partnership in leading the fight against hunger.

Large-scale food donations are critical to our mission of leading the fight against hunger. While community food drives and individual donations are extremely valuable, the scale of our work requires the support of donors in the manufacturing, warehouse/logistics, produce/agriculture and food services industries. Only through the ongoing support of food industry donors can we continue to feed 800,000 individuals each year.

The Houston Food Bank accepts perishable, dry or bulk products that are:

  • Unlabeled or mislabeled
  • Rejected but still safe for human consumption or use
  • Discontinued items
  • Off spec items
  • Damaged items (some restrictions apply)
  • Close-dated items
  • Various past “best if used by” dated products

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Key Partnerships  

Product Sourcing Team
Chloe Cros
Product Industry Manager
Judy Henrichsen
Agriculture Industry Manager


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