Basic Steps to Become a Partner Agency

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STEP 1: Orientation
Attend an orientation meeting held the first Wednesday of the month at 1:00 p.m. Meetings are held at the Houston Food Bank, 535 Portwall Street. Space is limited – first come, first served.

The orientation agenda includes:

  • Overview and history of the Houston Food Bank
  • Review of the partnership application and supporting documents requested
  • Nutrition education services overview
  • Distribution and ordering summary
  • Brief safety rules regarding pick-up of product
  • Facility tour 

STEP 2: Application also distributed at the mandatory orientation
The membership application and other required paperwork must be completed and returned to the food bank. Immediately following the application is a list of items needed. Please make a copy of each of the items requested and mail them with the application to: 

Houston Food Bank
c/o Agency Services
535 Portwall Street
Houston, Texas 77029

The application process will go much quicker if all the material is submitted with the complete application form.

STEP 3: On-Site Visit
After all of the paperwork is received, a visit will be scheduled to your facility. If you are applying for pantry membership, we will want to see the food storage area(s). If you are applying as a meal site, the food bank representative will want to see the kitchen, the food storage area(s), the food dealer’s permit, and health inspection. The food bank representative will also review written records of clients, paying special attention to how you determine client need.

STEP 4: Approval
After the on-site visit, the food bank representative will write a report recommending membership approval or rejection. If the agency does not meet all of the requirements, a second on-site visit can be rescheduled to review the corrections. The report and all information concerning the prospective agency will be reviewed by the Agency Services Committee and will be approved or rejected.

After the program and site have been approved, the agency will be mailed two original contracts and the civil rights training booklet. The contract must be read and signed. Return one original to the Houston Food Bank with the signed civil rights affidavit If the agency will pick up product orders, the Houston Food Bank will need a list submitted on agency letterhead that includes all individuals who are approved to pick up orders from the food bank.

If you have any questions or concerns or need assistance with the application process, please call 713-223-3700 and ask to speak to an Agency Services Representative.

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